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*** Thank  you to Jax and Sarah for letting me ask those hard questions. Your love and commitment have inspired me.***

Breaking the Cowboy

Be advised, this novel contains discussions and issues regarding infertility.

Breaking the Cowboy

Coldiron Cowboy: Book 3


March 29, 2021

ebook: 978-1-7327051-8-0

Print: 978-1732705197

(Louisa and Brody)


I have a habit of writing crossover characters into my series. Brody and Louisa have a scene together in Carter and Sage’s book, A Cowboy Charming Christmas: A Rough Creek Novel, which I wrote before Breaking the Cowboy that sets the tone and stage for their story.

Rescuing love is never easy… 

Veterinarian Dr. Louisa Coldiron comes from a long line of hardworking, rough riding, straight-shooting cowboys. Her father and brothers are cowboys and nearly every male in the small town of Santa Camino, Texas, is, was, or will be a cowboy. And experience has taught her that when a cowboy gets thrown into the mix, something gets broken.

Falling in love with the horses she helps to rescue is easy. Pretending she isn’t falling for the sexy cowboy who teaches them to trust again...?  

Not so much. 

After years of roaming, Brody Vance feels he’s finally found a home at the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch and a woman he could easily love. But he knows a wounded heart when he sees one. Louisa has more in common with her patients than she’s willing to admit.

Coaxing Louisa’s skittish heart into letting him take the reins of passion will take Brody’s tender expertise.


I'm so excited for Brody and Louisa's story! Originally, it was planned as the final book in the Coldiron Cowboys series. But as I said in last month's newsletter, Dean Coldiron will have a book sometime soon. My beta readers insist I address the questions surrounding his shady dick. 

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