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A Cold Montana Christmas The One to Use

Eight years after nearly losing his life to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Colton Ritter is dealt another blow when his father dies and leaves the future of the Lucky Jack Ranch in the hands of Colton’s estranged wife. 

Lauren never expected the stipulations of her beloved father-in-law’s will to be so detailed or so cruel. Two weeks, alone at the ranch.

With Colton.

What Lauren expects to be a cold Montana Christmas with a man she vowed to stop loving years ago, rekindles the long-lost passions of their life before Colton's accident and forces her to decide what’s stronger, their love or their past. 

Colton wants, more than anything, to give their marriage a second chance so, his father’s last request is a dream come true. But he soon learns that sometimes loving someone means setting them free. 

A Cold Montana Christmas:a Coldiron Cowboys inspired novel.