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A once-in-a-lifetime acting audition catapulted struggling bull rider Morgan Prescott into overnight fame and fortune and labeled him one of Hollywood's sexiest heartthrobs. But a reckless night from his past threatens to send his newfound celebrity status into a downward spiral. Taking his agent's advice, Morgan devises a plan to salvage his career and rebrand his rebellious bad-boy image. All he needs a wholesome woman who's willing to act the part of his beloved betrothed.


Luckily, he knows just where to find her. 


Working three jobs to help pay for her ailing mothers' medical expenses doesn't allow Kara Davis much time for a social life or dating. Not that she's been able to think about any other man since actor Morgan Prescott walked into the Santa Camino Pound last Christmas to adopt a dog for his mother.


Kara is quick to ignore Morgan’s advances when he strolls back into her life, donning a sexy you-can't-resist me smile until he offers her a monetary solution to financial woes. The simple job of playing his fiancé for a night at an upcoming charity event seems harmless enough. But the sexual tension between the two of them quickly escalates into what could be a heartbreaking scenario for Kara when Morgan propositions her with an offer she can't refuse.

Rough Creek Ranch: Book 2


Print: 2

(Morgan and Kara) 

Arriving February 2022


Beautifully sweet~
"I just love this book! Carter and his family bring you into their world of handsome, lovable cowboys. Carter and Sage will make you laugh, cry and fall in love all over again as their story unfolds in this tender Christmas story. If you believe in the magic of love and the miracle of family and friends, you'll fall hard for Mina Beckett's Rough Creek world!"