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I spent most of January sick and February recuperating. Being out of commission for nearly two months forced me to rework my 2022 writing goals work on multiple projects.

Hollywood Cowboy has a virgin romance/ fake fiancé trope with Morgan Prescott, brother of Carter McDermott in A Cowboy Charming Christmas, and Kara Davis, the administrative assistant at the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch in my Coldiron Cowboys series. It’s always interesting to see supporting characters step-up and take the lead in their own story and these two are doing a wonderful job.

Enemies to Ashes is, as the title hints, an enemy to lovers romance between Ellis Rebel and Jenna Darling and is the first book in my Wyoming Blaze series. With an erotic heat level and a first-person POV, the two burst into flames in the second chapter.

Working blurb: While searching for her biological father, Jenna Darling finds herself miles from the nearest town in one of the fiercest snowstorms to hit Wyoming in years. Alone and stranded, she has no choice but to rely on the sexy stranger who rescues her. He offers her shelter from the storm and a chance to live out her erotic fantasies without repercussions, or so she thinks. She soon realizes the chivalrous actions of her lover are for revenge, and she’s a pawn in a dangerous feud between her father and cowboy Ellis Rebel.

Ellis knew the woman he rescued was Jake Calhoun’s daughter the moment he laid eyes on her. A man who’s controlled Harlow for years through corruption and power with a tight fist of fear under Blackstone Land Development Group. Jake’s political connections and money make him untouchable until his estranged daughter rolls into town.

To Ellis, seducing daddies’ little girl is a way to ignite a war with the man who tried to kill him two years ago. But Jenna’s sexy body and innocent reaction to his touch set him on fire and draws him closer to the enemy than he wants to be. By the time he learns father and daughter are nothing alike, it’s too late for him to walk away. His plan for revenge has made Jenna a target and might burn them both to ashes.

Blame It On A Vegas Cowboy wasn’t something I planned to write. Ace and Blaine just showed up and demanded I write their story, so I did. The book is a freebie and will release sometime this fall. Here’s the working blurb.

Plain Blaine Stewart spent her teenage years harboring a secret crush for high school rodeo champ Ace Wheeler and ten years trying to forget what happened in Vegas the night he kissed her.

Blane has reinvented herself and put the past and the cowboy behind her. But when a scandalous document surfaces on the eve of her wedding to a wealthy publishing heir, she’s forced to face her mistakes.

Happily, retired from the rodeo, Ace has only one regret in his life. Not bedding sweet Blaine. When she knocks on his door asking him for help, he sees his opportunity to make that happen, until he learns he might have taken Blaine’s one chance at happiness with a man who truly loves her.

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