Saying Goodbye to the Coldiron's

Updated: Feb 17

I'll be saying goodbye to this series soon and it's so hard! McCrea, Jess and Brody will always have a place in my heart, but I will miss the Coldiron Cowboys ladies most of all. Eleanor, Mallory, Louisa, Sage and Violet have held my hand through some really hard times and made these books so much fun to write!

Coming this Spring

Breaking the Cowboy

Chapter Five

(unedited excerpt)

Rhea Larky was a local photographer with a wonderful talent for capturing the picture-perfect moment. The wedding photos she’d taken of McCrea and Eleanor had been breathtaking. She was also quick and easy to work with.

Outside, a light breeze and a small cluster of blue-gray clouds off the to the east were the only indication there might be rain.

Romantic and sweeping, the two grand staircases leading up to the balcony made the perfect backdrop. Rhea jumped into action, moving the wedding party into poses and positions as she clicked away. The last one was of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids together on the balcony.

“Stand together, facing your partner,” Rhea instructed, giving them an example by positioning Dean and Violet.

It was too close for Louisa’s comfort. Brody, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all.

He smiled ruefully and held out both arms in a welcoming gesture. “Come on, get in here.”

Here was miles outside her comfort zone. While Rhea snapped photos of the others, Louisa worked to find her nerve.

The last place she wanted to be was pressed against that chest, but she didn’t see a way out it. She couldn’t just do an abrupt face and walk away. This was going to happen whether she liked it or not.

With an aloof guise, she took her position in front of him but kept a good half foot between them.

Brody didn’t drop his arms. Instead, he hunched his shoulders forward, turned his face to where Rhea would be shooting from and smiled.

Louisa rolled her eyes. “You look ridiculous.”

“I can’t help it.” Like a ventriloquist, he held the smile as he talked. “With you over there and me over here, this is the only way the shot can happen.”

“Okay,” she said, letting her head fall back with an exasperated groan. “You’ve made your point.”

Brody let his arms fall as she moved closer. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he pulled her snug against him. “For the photo,” he explained, though his smile said otherwise.

Louisa’s heart was beating so fast she thought she might pass out. God, wouldn’t that be a disaster? Her swooning over Brody Vance.

“Don’t let it wonder south,” she warned.

He tightened his hold ever so gently. “You know I’d never let my hand go anywhere it wasn’t wanted.”

Brody’s reputation as a gentleman proceeded him. The problem was, she wanted his hands in places that weren’t appropriate for photos or friends.

“Relax,” he added, his voice falling to a low pitch. “I don’t leave a mark when I bite.”

She flattened a palm against his chest and pushed back so she could ventured a glance up at him. “I think what you meant to say was, ‘I don’t bite.’”

“Oh, I bite, sweetheart. Hard.” Dropping his eyes to her mouth, he licked his bottom lip as if to savor the thought of sinking his teeth into her. “But never in places that can be seen by anyone but a doctor or a lover.”

Louisa’s heart stopped in mid-beat, convulsed and fell over like a spent rabbit.

Holy. Hell.

“This is perfect,” Rhea said, suddenly snapping her way into the moment. “Squeeze in a little more.”

Brody followed Rhea’s instructions, tightened his hold on her and smiled at the camera, seemingly unmoved by what had just happened. She, on the other hand, couldn’t do anything but stand there with a model smile.

“A little closer,” Rhea said.

Any closer and they’d be sharing skin.


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