Teaser Tuesday

An unedited excerpt from my WIP, Breaking the Cowboy.

It had been hours since Brody said goodnight, but Louisa hadn’t slept a wink. She couldn’t, not when there were so many questions running around in her head about that kiss.

An amazing and passionate kiss that was more than sexual energy and the need for physical satisfaction. She didn’t know how to describe it or even how to process the emotion she felt when he had kissed her.

Now, in the early hours before dawn, she was still wide awake. She shifted to the right, then to the left then rolled back onto her side to stare at the fire again. Propping a hand under her head, she watched the low burning, blue flames of the dying fire as they leaped around the base of charred logs. Through the background noise of night creatures croaking and chirping and the crackle of the fire, she’d trained her ears on the sound of Brody’s breathing. Numerous times throughout the night, she’d heard him shift restlessly, sigh and scrub a hand over his beard.

She wasn’t the only one who was having trouble sleeping. Her focus traveled past the fire to the man. Sometime around midnight, he’d ditched his t-shirt and was now laying stretched out on his back with his head turned away from the fire. The arm facing her was thrown over his eyes. The position extended the length of his torso and accentuated those well-used rib muscles. His other hand rested on his stomach.

Long, dexterous fingers, wide palms and prominent tendons and veins, his hands and forearms looked like his jawline and cheeks − as though they’d been chiseled from marble.

Last month, Louisa had seen that hand grab Shorty Turner by the shirt collar and pin him to a barn wall. No one who knew Brody doubted that he wouldn’t make good on his promise to loosen a few of the cowhand’s teeth the next time he saw him mistreating a horse.

Brody’s hands were powerful and an intriguing part of his personality. Littered with scratches and bruises from the job, and a past she was sure held secrets, they were rugged and strong. But they could be so soft when they were holding Tucker or cupping her jaw for a kiss.

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