Writing True Intimacy

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Romance novels are known for their portrayal of passionate relationships between central characters, that may include love, tantalization, and affection. But deep connections can be made in many other ways, which makes true intimacy just as important for developing a strong link between two people.

Intimacy of a sexual nature is likely the most recognizable type of intimacy featured in romantic novels. It encompasses physical attraction, want and a sexual bond between two characters. This can be shown through intimate love scenes, or even more subtle nuances of flirting or palpable tension between characters.

In romance fiction, writing scenes of sexual intimacy requires sensitivity and thoughtfulness. As a powerful way for two characters to express their feelings, sex can be used to strengthen the emotional relationship between them. When crafting such moments, authors should take care to communicate the connection between their characters.

Deep and meaningful connections between characters is an intricate and diverse form of closeness. It may incorporate emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bonds, among others. This type of connection is about understanding and accepting another person wholly, mistakes included, and building an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability between them.

To capture true closeness in romance novels, it is important to show the small moments that build a deep bond between characters. This can be in the form of them swapping anecdotes, relying on each other for support, or simply spending time together in silence as they reflect and connect. True intimacy should be portrayed gradually over time, rather than a sudden occurrence, and it may take a while for characters to truly open up to one another.

The beauty of romance novels is that they offer a broader scope of intimacy than physical closeness alone. Characters communicate their insecurities, aspirations, and dreams with each other, and readers witness them mature as the relationship evolves. This makes for a more multi-faceted and believable portrayal of love and intimacy rather than just relying on sexual chemistry.

Though sexual and emotional intimacy are two separate types of connection between characters, they can coexist in an engaging way. The greatest romance novels utilize a blend of both to bring out the depth and complexity of the narrative.

To keep the balance between sexual and real intimacy in a romance novel, an author can use sexual tension to build up the emotional bond between characters. As readers are introduced to feelings of longing and desire for the duo, they become more involved in their relationship. Until the time when they do finally become physically intimate—a moment that can be filled with intense emotion and closeness.

Mixing sexual and emotional intimacy together can make for interesting character dynamics. For instance, someone who is scared of connecting emotionally may be more susceptible to physical ties for the purpose of avoidance. This type of interaction between characters produces tension and turns into a chance for them to grow and evolve.

It’s always a challenge to craft the perfect love story and write true intimacy, as well as create captivating sexual tension that keeps readers turning pages. But when I manage it, there’s no feeling quite like it!

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