Secrets Behind the Masquerade 

Fiery-haired heiress Isabel Hastings seeks solace from her high-profile divorce at her father’s lavish masquerade ball. Little does she know, the enigmatic stranger she encounters is none other than her ex-husband’s brother, ex-Navy SEAL West Kallo, who was presumed dead in an Amazon jungle plane crash two years ago.

Far from being enticed by the ball’s glamour, West is on a personal mission. Locate his brother and recover his rightful place as head of Kallo Oil. His revenge plot involves seducing Isabel to discover his brother’s location. But in the light of day masks drop and secrets unfold… As West navigates the intricate web of his own cunning designs, he stumbles upon an unexpected snag. Falling helplessly in love with the very pawn in his game of deception.

Secrets Behind the Masquerade uncovers a story of hidden identities, second chances, and a love that brings to light the darkest of secrets.