Texas Heat is a spin-off of my Coldiron Cowboys series staring characters you know and love and a few you’ve never met.

​Six months after The Heartbreak Cowboy was released, a reader commented on one of my Instagram post about how great it would be if Finn and Violet fell in love. I wanted that to happen, but at that particular time, Violet’s character wasn’t ready to have her own story.

​As I was writing the first chapter of The Fallen Cowboy, I was jotting down notes for Tyler and Logan’s stories. Violet was different. I loved her, but she was too naïve about the real world, so between books 1 and 3 (and with Louisa’s help), her character matured. And the friction between Logan and Finn helped toughen her up.

​I knew Tyler and Rhea Larky, the photographer from Breaking the Cowboy, were perfect for a friends to lovers romance. It was so much fun writing the opening scene of Trust Me, Cowboy.

From the moment I met Logan Gates, I saw him as a cranky, coffee – cup collecting, down-and-out cowboy who would never allow himself to fall in love. But Ellie Daniels, the wedding cake baker (also in Breaking the Cowboy) offers him a taste of something sweet, he can’t resist.

​More books will follow!

  • Roughneck Cowboy

  • Trust Me, Cowboy

    Trust Me, Cowboy

  • Last Cowboy To Love

    Last Cowboy to Love