Texas Heat is a spin-off of my Coldiron Cowboys series staring characters you know and love and a few you’ve never met.

​Six months after The Heartbreak Cowboy was released, a reader commented on one of my Instagram post about how great it would be if Finn and Violet fell in love. I wanted that to happen, but at that particular time, Violet’s character wasn’t ready to have her own story.

​As I was writing the first chapter of The Fallen Cowboy, I was jotting down notes for Tyler and Logan’s stories. Violet was different. I loved her, but she was too naïve about the real world, so between books 1 and 3 (and with Louisa’s help), her character matured. And the friction between Logan and Finn helped toughen her up.

​I knew Tyler and Rhea Larky, the photographer from Breaking the Cowboy, were perfect for a friends to lovers romance. It was so much fun writing the opening scene of Trust Me, Cowboy.

From the moment I met Logan Gates, I saw him as a cranky, coffee – cup collecting, down-and-out cowboy who would never allow himself to fall in love. But Ellie Daniels, the wedding cake baker (also in Breaking the Cowboy) offers him a taste of something sweet, he can’t resist.

​More books will follow!


Rough draft except from Trust Me, Cowboy

Tyler scoffed and shook his head. “Rhea, we’ve been best friends since the first grade. What in the history of our relationship makes you think I’d plant my bare ass in front of a camera and let you take pictures of it?”

​“I don’t want pictures of your ass, specifically. I mean, you do have a fine ass, but I won’t get the job if my portfolio is nothing but ass pictures.”

He knew she was ribbing’ him, but he couldn’t help feel gratification that she approved of his ass. This was Rhea and his male pride shouldn’t be involved. It never had in the past.

​But lately…

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    Roughneck Cowboy

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    Trust Me, Cowboy

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    Last Cowboy to Love

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