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A surprise Valentine's Day cover reveal for a secret project! Snowbound Hearts coming soon!

Snowbound Hearts is the first standalone novel in my Beckettvers. It’s a story born from the pages of Hollywood Cowboy, part of my Rough Creek series. The hero, Morgan Prescott, is a sexy cowboy and heartthrob actor who finds himself auditioning for a role in a film adaptation of Snowbound Hearts, written by none other than Blane Steward, fictional bestselling author extraordinaire. So, while this novel stands on its own, I hope those who have read Hollywood Cowboy will be delighted to see the storyline come to life.

It was so much fun to write!


Haven't read Hollywood Cowboy? It's on sale for only $.99 at Kobo!


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Trapped in Temptation

From glittering gowns to cowboy boots – a New Year's Eve betrayal leads to a scorching-hot night of second chances.

Before the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, Hannah Bell's world shatters into a million pieces. She discovers her fiancé tangled in the sheets with her stepsister, their betrayal a harsh slap in her tear-streaked face. Still clad in her glittering party dress, mascara streaking her cheeks, she flees from the scene straight to Sugar Creek, the quaint town that cradled her dreams and the only place that ever felt like home.

But fate has a cruel sense of humor. An unexpected encounter with a deer sends her car spiraling off the road, leaving her stranded in a biting snowstorm. Just when heartbreak and despair threaten to consume her, a familiar figure emerges from the swirling snow - Sam Reece. Her first love, the cowboy with smoldering eyes and a sexy charm that once stole her heart and claimed her virginity.

When the snow traps them at Sam's cozy ranch, old feelings start to stir. Things quickly heat up between them in "Trapped in Temptation". This fiery novelette shows the power of second chances and first loves, all set against the backdrop of a fresh new year. As they warm up by the fire, Hannah and Sam rekindle their romance, proving that sometimes, you have to weather a storm to find your perfect happy ending.

Staff News

Hello Everyone!

We've been tirelessly working on numerous projects and we're ecstatic to have welcomed Natasha Sterling to the CurtissLynn Publishing family. She is already a force to be reckoned with. Her enthusiasm, inventiveness and knowledge are quickly making her presence felt among us.

She has joined us as a part-time assistant and media coordinator, and she's been instrumental in keeping me organized (yikes!), efficient, and on track with my goals. Apart from her administrative duties, Natasha is also handling CLP media coordination efforts. She is responsible for managing media interactions, ensuring communication is consistent, engaging, and perfectly timed to keep my blog posts going and readers updated on all of my latest news and releases.

I'm thrilled to have Natasha join the CLP family and help enhance our media presence, connecting readers more intimately with the stories and authors they adore. She is an asset to this team with her experience, excitement, and commitment. I'm eager to witness all the remarkable things she will achieve with us as a part of this organization.

For any media inquiries or updates, Natasha can be reached at .

Thank you for your continual support.

Best Wishes,