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My website is getting a facelift and changing platforms.  It will be a smooth transition, but blogger and ARC sign-ups and site member requests are on hold for now. 

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I write sexy, feel-good romances about angsty cowboys and the strong–sometimes stubborn–women who love them.

If you're new to my writing, you can download The Cowboy's Goodnight Kiss for free here. The book is a prequel novella to the first book in my Coldiron Cowboys series, The Heartbreak Cowboy.

Happy reading!



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I adore writing second chances, so I purposely wrote Colton and Lauren Ritter into the story when I drafted The Heartbreak Cowboy. The first two books in the Coldiron Cowboys series touched on the couple’s problems, but the heart of their breakup was a mystery. Colton and Lauren were high-school sweethearts who, because of his deployment overseas and the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, weren’t able to develop their relationship as a husband and a wife. I wanted to give them that while giving readers a moving love story.

My original plan was to write A Cold Montana Christmas as a standalone novel inspired by the Coldiron Cowboys series. But then Mia Ritter walked in to the opening scene of the book. From there, more and more unplanned characters introduced themselves and the small Montana town of Crossfire Canyon developed, as did the stories of those unplanned characters.

Watch for their story this December!



The box set includes all three books in the series and the prequel novella, The Cowboy's Goodnight Kiss, is available at all major outlets.

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Set against the beautiful and rugged backdrop of the Texas Hill Country, three cowboys – McCrea, Jess, and Brody – find love while working tirelessly to save horses and give them a home at the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch.



THE COWBOY’S GOODNIGHT KISS: a prequel to The Heartbreak Cowboy – McCrea Coldiron, a handsome as sin cowboy with a reputation for raising hell and breaking hearts, has never seen Eleanor Mackenna as more than his baby sister’s best friend. That is, until he’s given an ultimatum to settle down and find a wife or lose the land that he’s worked so hard to inherit.


THE HEARTBREAK COWBOY – It’s been four long years since McCrea Coldiron watched Eleanor Mackenna walk out of his life. He wasn’t ready for the marriage noose then and never thought he would be. Single, free to do as he pleases, and running the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch are the things that make him sure he was right to let Eleanor go… This is until she comes back to town with a daughter he never knew about in tow.


THE FALLEN COWBOY – Jess’s gift for taming wild broncos and pretty women has taught him that both can take a man from zero to ninety in seconds, shake him senseless, and damn near kill him if he landed the wrong way. And Jess had. So bumping anything but heads with the beautiful Mallory Montgomery ─ his sister-in-law’s estranged sister ─ is out of the question.


BREAKING THE COWBOY – Veterinarian Dr. Louisa Coldiron comes from a long line of hardworking, rough riding, straight-shooting cowboys. Her father and brothers are cowboys and nearly every male in the small town of Santa Camino, Texas, is, was, or will be a cowboy. And experience has taught her that when a cowboy gets thrown into the mix, something gets broken.
Falling in love with the horses she helps to rescue is easy. Pretending she isn’t falling for Brody Vance, the sexy cowboy who teaches them to trust again…?

Not so much.



I have good news for readers who want more of the Gates and Durant families. Texas Heat, a new series featuring Violet, Tyler, Logan and Santa Camino's sexy Sheriff, Finn Durant, is coming in 2022. Roughneck Cowboy, Trust Me, Cowboy and Last Cowboy to Love are three books scheduled for release in 2022. 

What's in the works for 2023? Glad you ask.

Nix Rebel and his brothers Ellis, Crit and Lincoln will be scorching the pages of my first erotic cowboy series, Wyoming Blaze. 


More cowboys are coming!


Montana Research Road Trip


If you follow me on Instagram, you know hubby and I took a road trip to Montana. We traveled to eleven states, visited a few art museums, ate at quaint little cafes and charming mom and pop dinners, witnessed some amazing sunsets over the Grand Teton Mountains, and did a little car karaoke. We had a wonderful time and I'm already planning next year's trip up the west coast.