With her signature style, award-winning author Mina Beckett skillfully crafts heartwarming stories of love and its intricacies. Her vivid descriptions transport readers to small towns, where they are immersed in the world of ruggedly charming men and fiercely independent women. In each tale, whether it be the bittersweet joy of first love or the fiery passion of a forbidden affair, Mina captures every emotion with raw honesty and unapologetic sensuality. She has a keen understanding of the human heart and her tales leave readers enthralled, always craving more.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Mina left behind her small town life for the rugged expanses of West Texas. It was there that she discovered her true creative fire, surrounded by cowboys, horses, and the ranching way of life. The harsh, untamed beauty of the land and the colorful characters who called it home inspired her stories. With a deep connection to place and a focus on strong bonds of friendship and family, her writing captures the essence of the wild west. And her debut novel, "The Heartbreak Cowboy," was just the beginning of her journey as a writer.

Alongside her passion for spinning tales, Mina enjoys painting. A self-taught mixed-media artist, she pours her heart and soul into creating works that reflect the depth and characters of her stories. Whether it's through tantalizing tales or vibrant visuals, Mina masterfully paints a rich panorama of life, love, and everything in between.

Mina and her husband reside on a bustling farm nestled within the breathtaking Appalachian Mountains. It's a place that's brimming with life, from rescue dogs with tails always wagging, to miniature horses that are just adorable, to stubbornly endearing donkeys, and goats.



"A lifelong romance enthusiast, I began my love affair with the genre at fifteen, consuming every Harlequin romance I could find. With authors like Elizabeth Lowell and Diana Palmer shaping my literary tastes, my path to becoming a romance writer was inadvertently set, even though it wasn't my childhood dream.

My early career goals were split between buisness and an interest in architecture. I relished crafting stories in high school (thanks, Mrs. Mendez!), but also loved designing things with my hands. After earning degrees in technology, education and business, my passion for writing resurfaced. This time, I couldn't ignore it.

I began my writing journey in the secrecy of my laundry room, honing the craft night after night. It was there I confessed to my husband, "I write sexy romance," and he encouraged me to take the leap and submit my work to a publisher.

My writing career started in 2008. Between a full-time job, my son's sports games, and grad school, I managed to publish three books.

One of those books was The Heartbreak Cowboy, a story I wrote alongside my master’s thesis.

My writing journey took a turn when I attended a Romance Writers of America conference, where I had the fortune to learn from Liz Maverick. Her support led me to write a proposal for the Coldiron Cowboy series, which eventually landed me a literary agent.

However, my path wasn't without obstacles. I faced rejections and was even asked to majorly rewrite my work to imitate another author's style. Despite the disappointment, I knew I had to stay true to my voice.

In 2018, I embraced indie publishing and released The Heartbreak Cowboy under my own imprint, CurtissLynn Publishing. Since then, I've learned that my voice and my stories are unique, and that's perfectly okay. Today, I continue to write the kind of romance I love, unapologetically and authentically."

Mina Beckett

"The mountains have a unique beauty which is enhanced by the strength and spirit of the people who call it home. My heart and all that I love is here amidst the mountains..."