How Misbehaving Characters Can Enrich Your Story

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Today, I wanted to talk about misbehaving characters. You know, those men and women who you spent hours meticulously creating interesting quirks, detailed backstories and physical features that scream, “My readers will love you!”  You’ve poured your heart and soul … Continued

How Backstories Add Dimension to Characters

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Ever read a story and thought, “Hey, why did that character just do that?” Or maybe, “There’s no way they’d be scared of that!” Well, the thing is, every character has a backstory, something like their own personal tale before … Continued

Breathing Life into Your Romance Novel With Character Development: Part 1

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When you’re weaving a tale of love in the world of romance writing, your characters are the stars of the show. They’re the ones leading your readers on a whirlwind journey of passionate romance, heart-stopping breakups, and that oh-so-satisfying resolution. … Continued

How Real Life Experiences Inspire My Novels

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In today’s blog post, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share something deeply personal. As someone who values privacy in a world that demands transparency into our personal lives, I typically reserve sharing my life experiences for … Continued