How Emotional Depth Touches the Human Heart in Stories

Grabbing your readers and pulling them into your story-world is a bit like trying to lure a cat into a bathtub and we all know how that usually ends. When I initially submitted my work to publishers, I struggled with … Continued

How Real Life Experiences Inspire My Novels

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In today’s blog post, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share something deeply personal. As someone who values privacy in a world that demands transparency into our personal lives, I typically reserve sharing my life experiences for … Continued

Archetype of the Lone Wolf

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This month’s blog post stems from the creative process behind one of my upcoming novels slated for publication early next year. The story revolves around a grieving father—a lone wolf character—who, amidst a furious blizzard, rescues a woman, plunging him … Continued

Writing Strong Female Characters in Romance

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I love an epic rescue! It’s exhilarating to read a scene where the hero swoops in and saves the heroine. But for me, the plot is more compelling when the woman being rescued is intelligent and capable enough to save … Continued

Writing True Intimacy

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Photo credit: Joel Overbook, Upsplash Romance novels are known for their portrayal of passionate relationships between central characters, that may include love, tantalization, and affection. But deep connections can be made in many other ways, which makes true intimacy just … Continued