How Emotional Depth Touches the Human Heart in Stories

Grabbing your readers and pulling them into your story-world is a bit like trying to lure a cat into a bathtub and we all know how that usually ends. When I initially submitted my work to publishers, I struggled with … Continued

How Backstories Add Dimension to Characters

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Ever read a story and thought, “Hey, why did that character just do that?” Or maybe, “There’s no way they’d be scared of that!” Well, the thing is, every character has a backstory, something like their own personal tale before … Continued

Crafting Layered Characters in Romance

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Remember last week’s post about breathing life into your romance novels with character development? Today, I’m riding that wave right into the fun, occasionally tricky, but always satisfying world of character creation. Writing, a well-crafted character is as crucial as … Continued

Breathing Life into Your Romance Novel With Character Development: Part 1

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When you’re weaving a tale of love in the world of romance writing, your characters are the stars of the show. They’re the ones leading your readers on a whirlwind journey of passionate romance, heart-stopping breakups, and that oh-so-satisfying resolution. … Continued