Since embarking on my publishing journey in 2013, I've discovered a treasure trove of resources that have become integral to my daily operations and ongoing development as a writer. These tools and communities have not only informed my work but have also provided a supportive network as I navigate the complexities of the writing world. Rest assured, I only recommend resources that I have personally tried, tested, and found beneficial.

I highly recommend is Inkers Con, a remarkable font of wisdom overflowing with invaluable insights into the writing and publishing process. The enlightening courses offered by the esteemed author Alessandra Torre have also played a significant role in propelling my writing career forward.

Furthermore, I enthusiastically endorse Gwen Hayes's Romancing the Beat course, available through the Romance Writers of America. The knowledge obtained from this course has been crucial in fine-tuning my narrative structure and honing my unique authorial voice. If you're unable to take the course, Hayes has compiled her expertise into a comprehensive and insightful book (the details of which are provided below).

In the spirit of sharing useful resources, let me introduce The Heart's Ink, a blog post series I've developed to assist those standing at the threshold of their writing journey. It's tailored for dreamers who hold a story within their hearts but may be struggling with the challenge of translating it into words. It's for the explorers, eager to delve into the endless potential of creating new worlds and characters.

Through my weekly posts, I offer fundamental guidelines, tips, and exercises designed to help you traverse the expansive terrain of creative writing. They explore key storytelling elements—character development, plot construction, and setting description. The initial posts, specifically aim to guide you in sharpening your writer's voice, overcoming writer's block, and fostering a sustainable writing routine.

By exploring supportive resources such as online courses, books, and my series The Heart's Ink, you can build up a wide range of tools to help you through your writing journey. Every tool provides its own perspective, inspiring ideas, and effective approaches that can increase the enjoyment of your writing and story creation.


*Note: some of the links included in this article are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase these products, I will earn a small amount.


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