I find immense joy in learning new things, and art holds a special place in my heart. My mother was an artist and some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching her sketch and paint. The allure of vibrant hues and the dance of her brush strokes across a canvas captivated me.

While I work to maintain a professional approach in my writing, my artistry is more of a raw and uninhibited exploration of my creative impulses. Doodles at best. My art is an expression of my joy, my antidote to writer’s block, and my way of untangling plot threads. Simply put, when I’ve written myself into a corner, art helps me find a way out. More importantly, it’s a reflection of the vulnerability inherent in any artistic endeavor, a tangible manifestation of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of my creative process.

Newest Doodles


I was so proud of this piece. It was such a fun experience.

Sketchy Business