Crafting Layered Characters in Romance

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Remember last week’s post about breathing life into your romance novels with character development? Today, I’m riding that wave right into the fun, occasionally tricky, but always satisfying world of character creation. Writing, a well-crafted character is as crucial as … Continued

Archetype of the Lone Wolf

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This month’s blog post stems from the creative process behind one of my upcoming novels slated for publication early next year. The story revolves around a grieving father—a lone wolf character—who, amidst a furious blizzard, rescues a woman, plunging him … Continued

Writing True Intimacy

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Photo credit: Joel Overbook, Upsplash Romance novels are known for their portrayal of passionate relationships between central characters, that may include love, tantalization, and affection. But deep connections can be made in many other ways, which makes true intimacy just … Continued