ARCs are provided with the intent to build interest and excitement in new releases, and as such, the timing of reading and reviewing is important. Because of that, team members are expected to post a review within the first week of release. If you are unable to read and review due to unforeseen circumstances this does not mean you are automatically removed from the team. But please, contact the team leader at ahead of the due date to communicate any issues you may have.

​Terms: ARCs are provided at the discretion of the author and are solely for the intended recipient. Sharing, selling, or otherwise distributing the ARCs is illegal and will be cause for automatic removal from the team (and possible legal action depending on the severity of the violation). You will receive a copy in exchange for an honest review of the sites requested. By submitting this application to be part of the ARC team, you acknowledge the purpose is to review Mina Beckett's books and promise to do so as requested. A pattern of missed releases will be cause for removal from Mina Beckett's ARC Team. Also, you agree to abide by the terms laid forth by BookFunnel and Mina's team rules as well. A missed review may prohibit you from receiving an ARC for the next Mina Beckett release. If you're unable to continue on the ARC Team, please email your withdrawal to

​All information submitted and collected via this form will be strictly used for Mina Beckett's ARC Team (tracking and promoting reviews across multiple review sites) and will not be shared.

***Please Note - your reviews may be used in promotional material such as teasers and social media campaigns.

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