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Snowbound Hearts: A Standalone Novel

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Since his wife’s passing, Dwight Murtaugh has guarded his heart carefully, focusing all his energy on raising his young son and managing their Rocky Mountain ranch. But when a fierce blizzard hits, Dwight is thrust into a rescue mission. He comes face to face with the beautiful wildlife photographer, Anna Sumner, who is also on the run from a dangerous secret. As danger looms closer, Dwight is determined to keep her safe at any cost.


Note: Snowbound Hearts is the first standalone novel in my Beckettvers. It’s a story born from the pages of Hollywood Cowboy, part of my Rough Creek series. The hero, Morgan Prescott, is a sexy cowboy and heartthrob actor who finds himself auditioning for a role in a film adaptation of Snowbound Hearts, written by none other than Blane Seward, fictional bestselling author extraordinaire. So, while this novel stands on its own, I hope those who have read Hollywood Cowboy will be delighted to see the storyline come to life.